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Our running costs for each student are  approx. US$1.000 per month and covered for 2019.

This includes accommodation, food, 
tuition fees, and clothing.

We need additional fund for:

- medical treatments
- mandatory health check-ups
- maintenance costs

  (accommodation, cars)
- unexpected expenses
- expanding our amount of students

We help, save and prevent young girls/youths and children from human trafficking, domestic abuse/violence, and drugs by providing scholarship with guarantee honorable/respectable employment upon their graduation.

With their employment and salaries, the girls are able to help build their hometown and to send their siblings to continue and finish their studies.

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  • Beneficiary name      : School for Development of Humanity for Scholarship
  • Beneficiary address  : Thanon Wang Doem 158, Khet Bangkok Yai, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10600, Thailand
  • Account                     : 672 8406 78
  • Swift / BIC                 : KASITHBK
  • Bank                          : Kasikorn bank
  • Bank address            : 407 Itsaraphap RdWat Arun, Khet Bangkok Yai,                                                                                                       Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10600, Thailand


Sawasdee ka my name is Wanida Chiho. Wanida has 3 siblings. Wanida is the 3rd child. Wanida has ever study in school of King Rama 9 which is for poor and disadvantage children. Wanida is a hill tribe girl named “A-ka” and Wanida speaks Thai not clear. When Wanida was in Mattayomsuksa 6, Wanida’s parents were divorced. Wanida’s father had a new family. Wanida’s family is very poor. Both of Wanida’s elder brothers decided to work along with study. For about Wanida, When Wanida almost finished Muttayom 6 but Wanida could not find anywhere to study and Wanida also had no money for study but Wanida knew a senior who finished from Community Learning Center and Wanida saw that the senior’s life was a lot better after coming to study at the Center so Wanida decided to called the senior. Therefore Wanida come to study in Community Learning Center Center for Buddha Dhamma Practice and International Charity. It was hard for Wanida to come to this Center because Wanida had never come to Bangkok but at last Wanida reached the Center. Wanida was lucky to know the Center and got the opportunity to come to study at the Center.  Unless Wanida could not imagine how Wanida’s life would be and what Wanida would do.  Wanida could not afford to study so Wanida had to work and it was very easy for Wanida to be cheated or to be taken advantage because Wanida was from out of town and Wanida could know if any bad person was cheating Wanida. Wanida knows a very kind person who is Khun Por Hartanto Gunawan. He is very kind and has a beautiful mind. He provides Wanida scholarship. When any problem happens, he always listens about the problems. He always forgives every time that the daughters make mistakes. He teaches Wanida and friends to have kindness and do good thing to return. He provides stationary, personal necessities such as soap, shampoo, toothbrush and tooth paste etc.  Wanida doesn’t have to pay anything back just to do good thing to return. The most important things, Wanida feels that Khun Por can give Wanida love and kindness more than her parents. He has never left daughters alone and he makes Wanida to get Wanida’s dream come true. He makes Wanida to have a new life same as the senior that Wanida has ever talked to. He makes Wanida to have more self-confidence, to be diligent, to be punctual, to have more responsibility, to know her duty and the most important thing is to be a good girl and to help social  such as whenever there is some place need a volunteer Wanida will be the volunteer and learn to do good thing without anything to return. Wanida would like to say Thank you very much to Khun Por, the kind donors for making Wanida’s life to be better and the important thing is to make Wanida’s family to be better. Thank you very much for the scholarship, food, cloths and necessities. Wanida will do good thing, take care of patients, study for assistant nursing as best as Wanida can. Wanida will make the patient who is in suffer to have smile again. Wanida will do duty as best as Wanida can. Thank you very much to make Wanida’s dream come true and Wanida can make Wanida’s mother to be proud of Wanida.


Sawasdee ka. My name is Noja Pasinpana. Noja is from Tak province. Noja has 4 siblings. Noja is the first child. Noja’s family is farmer and poor. Noja has many siblings. Noja and 3 younger sisters live with mother because Noja’s father passed away when Noja was in Mattayomsuksa 2. Noja had studied in the boarding school since Noja was in Pratomsuksa 1 because Noja’s family was poor and Noja needed to reduce Noja’s mother’s burden. Noja’s mother had to take care of all children alone. After Noja finished Muttayousuksa 6 from Social Welfare School 55 Tak Province. Noja’s mother had no money for Noja to study and Noja didn’t know what to do. Noja was also the 1 st child and Noja had to help the mother to take care of 3 younger sisters. Noja may had to do whatever work Noja could do to help Noja’s mother. Noja’s life risked being cheated to be in Human Trafficking. However before Noja finished Muttayom Suksa 6, Noja knew about the scholarship from Community Learning Center Center for Buddha Dhamma Practice and International Charity Wat Arun Rajawararam from Noja’s teacher. Therefore Noja applied
to study at the Center. As Noja comes to study here, Noja gets many things such as scholarship, accommodation, food, clothes, skirts, shoes and the important things Noja can study Dhamma to make Noja to have morality. Noja has ever been self-willed after Noja comes here Noja changes to be a better way. Noja learns many things new that Noja has never seen before. At home, Noja has never get expensive shoes but here Noja gets it. Everything is free. There is nowhere to give Noja like this. Finally, Noja would like to Thank you to Khun Por Hartanto, to all the donors, to give the opportunity to Noja, to make Noja to be able to study, to make Noja’s life to be better from a bad girl to be a good girl
and Noja can also develop self. Thank you very much.


Sawasdee ka my name is Rattana Wonglakorn. Rattana’s nickname is Kaew. Kaew is 20 years old. Kaew is the student of Community Learning Center Center for Buddha Dhamma Practice and International Charity Wat Arun Rajawararam Group 11. Kaew is an orphan girl. Kaew’s mother passed away since Kaew was 10 years old. After Kaew’s mother passed away. Kaew’s father went to work in the other province so Kaew had to live alone because there were only 3 people in Kaew’s family. In each day, there was only the word “lonely” and “alone” for Kaew. When Kaew had a problem, Kaew didn’t know
who to consult with. Kaew thought only when this time would be passed. Until one day, Kaew finished
from a Primary High School. Kaew’s teacher helped her to be able to continue to study in a Secondary
High School which was a boarding school. After Kaew finished from the Secondary Highs School, Kaew would like to continue to study in a university same as her friends but as her family was very poor, Kaew thought that It was only her dream which could not be the truth. However in the darkness in Kaew’s life, there was a way for Kaew’s life when Kaew’s teacher told her to study at Community Learning Center Center for Buddha Dhamma Practice and International Charity Wat Arun Rajawararam. On the first daythat Kaew came to the Center, the first thing that Kaew got were love and warmth of a new home from
Khun Por Hartanto, seniors at the center and friends. Kaew’s felt that this is a big house that was the most warm family and while Kaew was studying in this Center Kaew didn’t study only the theory for her knowledge but Kaew had Khun Por Hartanto who taught Kaew discipline, morality, chanting and
meditation to get wisdom. While Kaew was studying in this center, Kaew didn’t ask for any money from
Kaew’s family because Kaew got everything from this center such as scholarship, cloths, food,
accommodation and necessities and Kaew also had some saving money. After Kaew finished Assistant
Nursing Course, Kaew works in Thonburi Hospital 1. Kaew has never thought that Kaew can be able to
work in a private hospital. If Kaew didn’t get the opportunity to study at the center, Kaew’s life maybe still in the darkness. Kaew may had no job of maybe cheated by someone to do a bad job or to be in Human Trafficking.
Kaew would like to say thank you very much to Khun Por Hartanto, to all donors, and to everybody that give the opportunity to Kaew and to give the new world to Kaew. If Kaew had no all of the persons, Kaew’s life would not be good like this and could not work in a private hospital and could not help Kaew’s family.

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