Community Learning Center 

Wat Arun  (Temple of Dawn)

Helping orphans, poor and needy children/youths

and preventing them from abuse and human trafficking

through quality education

"Saved by the temple: the girls of Bangkok striving for a better life"

source: article of The National

"Wat Arun's learning centre has become a symbol of support for the under-privileged"

source: article of Bangkok Post

Learn about Meditation Practice / our Center for Buddha Dhamma Practice

You shower to clean the body 

You feed your body to be healthy and strong

You exercise for a healthy body 

You take vitamins for a healthy body 

Have you done the same for the mind everyday?

Hartanto Gunawan being interviewed on:

Video 1: What Is Meditation? | Video 2: Buddhism in America | Video 3: The Five Aggregates

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